24 October 2015

Change in a Book

Now available on the Silvian Heach Kids store the T-Shirts of the Project “Change in a Book” by Plain Ink and Silvian Heach

Now available on line, the T-shirts by Silvian Heach Kids, which are part of the project “Change in a Book”, a social and cultural project created by Plain Ink and promoted by Silvian Heach.

The project “Change in a Book” was launched at the end of last year with the specific intent to create new opportunities for growth and knowledge for those children who are living under difficult conditions in the area of Nola (Italy).

To cope with rising unemployment, where every day many families in the Campania region are struggling to give adequate support to the children, and on the other hand, institutions that find difficult to respond to all the requests for aid, it was necessary to take a social action and give support to change the situation.

Plain Ink, by creating the project “Change in a Book”, has identified in Nola (Italy) area, thanks to the support of the institutions and social workers, twenty children going through difficult situations to offer them training activities, subsidized by the brand Silvian Heach Kids and aimed at providing them with a set of practical tools to understand how to help and improve their own social context.

Several topics are developed in the activities: the environment, the acceptance of cultural differences, civic participation and legality, the reinterpretation of school subjects such as history, art, science and technology.

In line with the mission of Plain Ink, the program is offered in a new and stimulanting way, meeting the needs of each child.

The children are involved in artistic works, to express their identity, and to represent what they have lived in their hometown Nola.

Two of the artistic creations of the children involved in the project “Change in a Book” were selected by the brand Silvian Heach Kids, becoming the two illustrations on the limited edition T-shirt.

All the proceeds from these sales will be donated to the project “Change in a Book”.

To support the project and to become a spokesperson for this initiative and help the children from Nola, click here to buy a T-Shirt.