16 October 2015

Enter the contest #stopracistbullying

Plain Ink promotes the campaign against racist bullying

It stops here, I SEE no difference! #stopracistbullying is a contest sponsored by Plain Ink to support the campaign against racist bullying: the acts of bullying conducted between individuals from different ethnic groups.

In a multi-ethnic and multicultural country like Italy, we have the responsibility to take an action in order to ensure that all people are treated with equality, valuing diversity of all, and make sure everyone receives the dignity that is every person’s basic human right.
We, at Plain Ink, believe that only by raising awareness, Institutions, schools and families can promote mutual respect and equal dialogue between cultures.
We firmly believe that any good deed, even the smallest, can contribute to major changes in society.
We must therefore work together to create a community that understands diversity.

Help us write a slogan to SAY NO to racist bullying. A phrase that expresses kindness and understanding for each other, you too, take a stand against racist bullying.

Do not ignore the problem, become part of the solution. Give voice to your creativity and send us your slogan!

Click here to read the complete Contest Rules and find out how to participate >>