27 July 2014

Teachers learn storitelling

Teachers learn storytelling thanks to the Qessa Academy

On August 11th, a new course starts in Kabul. For a whole month, more than 40 teachers from Malali and Esteqlal schools are learning storytelling techniques in a class held by The Qessa Academy with the help of ALEM Project.
ALEM is an educational project run by the French embassy in Kabul, which is overseeing French aid to Afghanistan. After seeing some of The Qessa Academy’s former students perform, diplomats have commissioned our school to train primary school teachers in storytelling. Our school also provided the attendees with a brief handbook that picks an Afghan folktale -namely, The Merchant and the Parrot– as an example. In the pictures, you can see the booklet cover, with an illustration created by Valentina Belloni.
The subject will become part of the teachers’ curricula at two French schools in Kabul, Esteqlal (a school for boys) and Malali (a school for girls). Hopefully, storytelling techniques will help teachers to engage their pupils in study and enhance their education.