27 December 2016

Mother Teresa Memorial Award

It’s Selene Biffi this year to win the Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice,  a worldwide award given each year in India by the Harmony Foundation.

Dalai Lama and Malala were previously awarded for their commitment in spreading peace around the world, this year the award is given for the first time to an Italian woman, Selene Biffi precisely, for the work she brings every day  in Italy and in Afghanistan for less fortunate children through her organization called Plain Ink.

As stated by the sponsors of the prize: “With Selene Biffi the premium caliber acquires a higher position. To recognize the efforts of volunteers who are dedicated to spread peace is a matter of honor for us at the” Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice “.

The school opened in Kabul by Plain Ink, the Qessa Academy  – literally the Academy of Stories – was founded from Selene Biffi dream, as she explains:

“I wanted to create opportunities for Afghan children, but everyone told me that actually my mission was doomed to failure. You can create hope and future work in many different ways. I chose social innovation, education and dialogue, in Afghanistan as in Italy and India, the countries where Plain Ink works. “

The Qessa Academy is slowly growing thanks to the daily work of Afghan people who struggle against all odds to pursue their dream.

A team, made up of a network that links Italy with Afghanistan, people who work with passion, but also supporters who decide to make a tangible contribution through their donations in order to create a better world.

Plain Ink and the Qessa Academy are preparing to sum up another successful year by planning and organizing the next round of studies which will offer more young Afghans students  a better future and, above all, a job.

As recalled by Selene with an Afghan proverb: “No matter how high a mountain, there is always a way to get to the top.” The path that we at Plain Ink walk every day is a journey of commitment and hope, and everyone can contribute in order to continue offering more young Afghans the chance of a better future.