17 August 2017

A new year starts at Qessa!

July was an important month at Qessa, as we held entrance exams at our school for the fourth time since starting it four years ago, when we decided we wanted to do something to preserve traditional oral culture while also empowering unemployed youth.

Afghanistan is a country heavily affected by armed conflict and confronted with widespread illiteracy and unemployment, a place where civilians bear the brunt of the war that has been waging for almost forty years now.

In this scenario, we try and bring a ray of hope through Qessa and its storytelling program, inspiring the younger generation to contribute building a different Afghanistan. Young people are responding positively to our work, so much so that this time we had 50 young people turning up for the entrance exams, and 40 happened to be girls.

After written tests and face-to-face interviews, 15 young people were selected to attend our courses, and all of them are girls! This is a first for Qessa and we are very happy about it, as it gives us hope for inclusion and equality.

The students will attend classes in creative writing, traditional storytelling, performing arts but also public health, the environment and human rights in Islam.

We hope you are as excited as we are for Qessa, and that you’ll consider joining us in offering these girls the opportunities they deserve by contributing to their scholarships here: