10 June 2016

Storytellers-to-be at The Qessa Academy, donate for Kabul

May has been a very important month for Plain Ink: the third cycle of studies at “The Qessa Academy” has started, the school opened in Kabul in 2013 to give unemployed girls and boys the opportunity to learn the ancient tradition of storytelling as a mean of development to teach culture and spread instruction all over the country.

The course of this year has been a resounding success, many applications were sent for admission and during the entry test 45 students were sitting, 25 out of them were girls. This is something on what we all should reflect considering a country such as Afghanistan: between war and daily difficulties, young people continue to be willing to learn and to get involved personally to help create a different country.

Following the entry test, the new course sees 15 new students, 11 are girls, a novelty for us at Qessa, since female education is not always supported in a difficult environment like Afghanistan. The students immediately began to actively participate in lessons, applying diligently to subjects such as drama, traditional storytelling, public health and others.

We are very proud of our new students and teachers, despite great difficulties, they keep on studying hard, attending The Qessa Academy and working for a different country.

We would like to do much more and be able to offer more opportunities to the students of The Qessa Academy, thats why your support is important to help the school and its future. Please help us by donating to Plain Ink: